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BZ70 Hydraulic walking pile frame Release Date : 2010-03-20

BZ70 Hydraulic walking pile frame is our heavy equipment which is integrated by mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. It is specially made for SMW(Soil Mixing Wall) construction. As a 70 tons grade pile frame, this type machine integrated by new hydraulic system is developed from our JB series Hydraulic walking pile frame technology and construction experience through improved quality and performance. This equipment not only can be hung with SMW multi-shafts drilling machines, but also can be used in other foundation construction projects. So this high performance model machine is a multi-functional equipment to work in foundation projects, such as bridges, harbors and diaphragm walls.


1.Stable machine system
Mast, main platform and walking framework are specially designed for heavy pile foundation.
39m mast can meet the construction requirements of ZKD100-3 and ZKD85-3. The bore hole depth could be 32m.
It is adopting big capacity reel drum, the main drum can hold the rope capacity of 550m, and the Max. pulling force is 91.5KN. The auxiliary drum rope capacity is 265m.
The main and auxiliary winches adopt hydraulic proportional control system to achieve continuously variable transmission and lock random speed.
The pace of transverse walking track cylinder is 3100mm, which is well-considered of the SMW construction requirements.
Lifting-up cylinder stroke is 900mm, having the good trafficability.
The stroke of mast horizontal inching cylinder is 400mm and improved the flexibility of construction.
All cylinders adopt hydraulic proportional control system to make them balanced.
2.Comfortable cabin
All-transparent cab, bright, quiet and operator can avoid tiredness.
Easy hydraulic operation, the operation handle of cylinder is ahead of operator.
3.Easy operating system
The operation case is preserved in the cab as well as inductance loading angle monitor (optional) and deep mixing pile monitor (optional).
4.Advanced imported components
The main pump, control valve, pressure meter and winch adopt international brands, such as American, Italy and Germany etc.

5.convenient installation and transportation
The whole machine adopts building-block type and meets the requirements of transportation width and height, easy dismantlement and installment.
The extent girder is driven by hydraulic cylinder and adopts pin swing mechanism to avoid the dismantlement trouble.
39m mast can be self-driven without cranes.

6.sensitive safety operation management device
The inductance loading angle monitor is optional in base of goniometer. This monitor can offer the report to operator about the mast inclination and tensile load situation. It also can give an alarm when in danger.
Deep mixing pile monitor (optional) can feedback pile depth, drilling speed, total slurry  
and slurry for each passage. All these information can be printed according to pile numbers.

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