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Shanghai Jintai Presenting the largest width hydraulic diaphragm wall grab with 1.5m in China Release Date : 2009-02-23

    At present, SG 40A hydraulic diaphragm wall grab made by Shanghai Jintai struts its stuff during the construction of Changjiang tunnel of Wuhan subway line 2. The grab with 1.5m width and 2100L volume is the largest in China and finished 1.5m width and 48m depth notch within 13 hours, which created new record in width formation and construction efficiency of diaphragm wall construction.


    The Changjiang tunnel project of Wuhan subway line 2 is complex in geological situation with upper soft layer and lower rigid layer. The backfill soil layer and clay layer are between 1m and 15m under ground, sand layer is 16m—48m under ground and cobble and sand layers are 48m under ground. The tunnel project has very high construction requirement, for example, even if the foreign machine is used, the high cost and low efficiency will be incurred. But the 1.5m hydraulic diaphragm wall grab made by Jintai has solved such problem and won the good praise from the customers.

    The successful presence of SG 1500 hydraulic diaphragm wall grab indicates that Shanghai Jintai has stepped further, which reduces the cost, provides the important guarantee to the country’s infrastructure construction and has profound meaning to piling machinery industry in our country.

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